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Enviroment and Ethics

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Current Cost
When usuing biodiesel engines do not have to be modified. This means that people will not have to change motors in cars if they should decide to go from gasolene to biodiesel. Biodiesel can save people hundreds at the pump, and will not pollute the air as much as gasolene does.
Another fuel derived from waste is called biofuel. Biofuel is an alcohol made from sugar and starches. Biofuel also will not have a carbon tax because it is carbon neutral. Another good thing about biofuel is that it can be used in almost anything. It is also would save people a lot of money in gas. The downside to biofuel is that it can not be used in aircraft's or in marine vehicles.
Is it Reasonable
Biofuels are great for consumers because it has a low price at the pump, and has lowpollution effects. It is also helpful because it removes garbage. The only argument against biofuels is that removing trees incorrectly could lead to a change in the ecosystem.
Is it Accepted
Many countries are looking for new energy sources that can replace the role of oil, and biofuel has what they want. So far America, Canada, Australia, China, India, Thailand and most European Countries all use biofuel, biodiesel and bioethanol.

Biomass disasters
There have been no recorded biomass disasters. If a biomass disaster were to happen it would most likely be: uncontrollable spreading forest fires, or just fires in places close to the biomass plant.